5 things to know when planning a DIY Dome wedding

For some, the thought of a DIY wedding can be overwhelming especially if you have zero experience in organising any kind of event. Don’t despair however, we’re here to help - a DIY wedding is no doubt a fair bit of work; forward planning, a bit of a ‘vision’ and lots of creative ideas are needed. Luckily with the internet at your fingertips and the likes of Pinterest and thousands of incredible ideas and images at the click of a button, an instagram-worthy wedding is easier to achieve than you might think.

Here are our top 5 tips to help you on your way:

Just another fantastic viewpoint in North Devon

Just another fantastic viewpoint in North Devon

1. Spreadsheets

It sounds like organisation-central but a spreadsheet can be the holy grail of planning a DIY wedding. It doesn't have to be a colour co-ordinated, all singing and all dancing extravaganza, but a simple list to help you put all your ideas in one place can help turn full on wedding stress into calmly manageable.  If spreadsheets really aren't your thing, rope in a super-organised friend or family member to get on the case - they will love to help you create calm from chaos in list-form and help to make your big day feel a lot easier to prepare for.

2. Delegate

Don't be afraid to ask people for help. If you have limited time or the list seems to be growing then you'll be surprised at a number of friends that will be keen to help, if not only for the praise in the speeches! Whether its napkin folding, furniture moving, invitation writing or cake making, the right friends and family will love that you've asked for their help and be more than willing to help create the joy for your special day.

Beautiful handmade origami butterflies.

Beautiful handmade origami butterflies.

3. Sourcing suppliers through suppliers

The wedding industry is surprisingly tight knit so before the hours turn into days trying to source the right supplier of that thing you have got your heart set on, the odds are we either know someone that has/does it or know someone that knows someone that has/does it. Don't be afraid to ask!

4. Vison

It's amazing when we have a client that really knows what they want and has a true vision of how they want the setup of our timber Domes to look. However, not everybody has this and it can often be overwhelming to even know where to start. Pinterest can be the holy grail of planning your own wedding so get started by creating boards of ideas of things you like. These ideas can be shared with suppliers and also with friends and family so that you end up with that rustic-inspired table setting you were after rather than a tinsel-covered monstrosity that you then have to politely use. 

5. Photographer chats

Photographers are going be some of the most creative people you can meet on your DIY wed journey so getting their perspective early on can be key.  They can have good advice for the location, positioning of your venue and even style/theme. It's a good idea to let them know the kind of end result you'd like to have - from natural shots to a more classical look, list your must-haves for your photographs and have a chat so you’re all on the same page from the word go.

So there are some simple tips for your DIY wedding - but remember if it's the weather that's really plaguing your mind then you can't go wrong with one of our timber framed Domes. If it's windy we are sturdy, wet then we're dry and if it's grey then the light is just about perfect.