Baya loves...Festival Weddings

Image credit: Tommy Reynolds Photography:

Image credit: Tommy Reynolds Photography:

You don’t need us to tell you that Pinterest is the place to go for wedding design inspiration.

But it can give you ideas overload! In our 'Baya loves' blog series we’ll be sharing some of our favourite collections on Baya Pinterest boards, and seeing as we’re in Summer festival season, we’ll begin with festival wedding style! Here are a few of our favourite festival wedding Pinterest picks.

Flying Origami

Imagine a flock of origami birds hanging from a Baya dome roof! Magical.

Fantastic Flags

We love these fabulous Glastonbury style flags. And what an amazing photo opportunity.

The Beer Barrow

A brilliant idea for cooling and storing bottles and easily manoeuvrable too! 

Light the Way

Send your guests in the right direction towards a Baya dome with some festoon lighting.

Fresh Flowers

A firm favourite with couples in our Baya domes...elegant, simple floral displays stretching the length of our 6ft plank tables.

You view our full Pinterest board below for some more inspiration below and view our gallery to see how other couples have styled their Baya weddings.