We are BAYA

'The ‘baya weaverbird’ is found across the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.
They are best known for their hanging retort shaped nests woven from leaves and grass shoots. These nest colonies are often built near water and are so ingeniously constructed as to defy their rivals. They are widespread and common within their range but are prone to seasonal movements mainly in response to rain.’

BAYA was formed from very humble beginnings almost by accident when Josh got married back in 2013, after hours scouring the Internet in search for any rustic furniture he took on the project of building his own (much to his patient bride to be's dismay).

Whilst stumbling across this gap in the market Ed returned from a trip to Australia, keen to get involved and put his carpentry skills to good use.

A lot has happened in the last few years, we have gone from hand making reclaimed furniture for sale and hire to building our completely unique timber framed dome venues, not to mention putting together a great team in the workshop, on site and in the office helping us grow from strength to strength.

Ed - Co-Founder of Baya

Josh - Co-Founder of Baya