Providing us with the information required in the form below will enable us to make an initial assessment about the feasibility of setting up one of our Domes at your chosen venue.  Should you have any questions about the form, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Many thanks, BAYA Hire 

Name *
Event Date *
Event Date
The date that your celebrations will be taking place
Delivery Date *
Delivery Date
The date that the Dome(s) and furniture will be delivered and set up. Usually the Thursday/Friday prior to your event.
Collection Date *
Collection Date
The date the Dome(s) and furniture will be taken down and collected. Usually the Monday following your event.
Please give an approximate size for each of the following in meters
If you answer no, we can discuss the options for making access arrangements
If you answer yes, we can discuss the options for making access arrangements
Is the ground, grass, gravel, concrete? Is it flat, or are there steps or a slope?
Single Dome - 15m x 15m | Single Dome and Sail - 15m x 30m | Double Dome - 15m x 30m | Furniture hire only - NA
If no, we will call to discuss the options for set-up
e.g. grass, concrete, gravel, inside
This is the ideal scenario. If it is not possible, we will call you to discuss alternative arrangements.
Name of Onsite Contact
Name of Onsite Contact